Nowadays, when composers more often use consonanse and sound effects that had not been seen before and artist forget about the beauty of the music of past epochs, it is worth considering why is that so. Are there no composers who want are able to write pieces without reaching for contemporary range of means and techniques?

Do performers prefer playing contemporary pieces because it is often possible to hide much more of their own imperfections?

My answer to these questions are works contained on this record.  The first one shows that there are works not played by the greatest virtuosos and for reasons quite different than music itself, as Sonata by a great Pole Ignacy Jan Paderewski do not give way to Franck's or Schumann's works.

The secondwork proves that there are still contemporary composers who have not been lost in sonoristic search, and their works are simply beautiful and charming like Disney's fairy tale music.

The third one though, inclines to discover forgotten music because Antoni Stolpe's Nocturne never was a Nocturne, but only a piano piece skretch, with no title nor opus. It has become a Nocturne on the violin accompanied by the piano recently, and whether with success please assess by yourselves....

Jacek Ropski


I. J. Paderewski: Intermezzo (2)
M. Gąsieniec: Intermezzo (2)
A. Stolpe: Nocturne