Ave Maria, or otherwise Angelic Salutation is a Christian prayer associated with Marian devotion. Since about IV century Church in the East (Greek speaking) has been using this prayer formula and from about VII century this custom passed to Roman liturgy (Western) .

At the beginning the prayer was associated with the Feast of Annunciation . However , it immediately became a common prayer expressing begging for Mary and Jesus intercession. The prayer consists of three parts. Two main parts are associated with the Feast of Annunciation. Two quotations from the New Testament were joined here. The words uttered by the angel Gabriel during the Annunciation and St. Elizabeth greeting directed to Mary at the time of the Annunciation . The third part of the prayer was created in XIV century, when there was plague epidemic in Europe. The words “now and at the hour of our death” expressed terror of those days. In 1568 Pope Pius V placed a full text of the prayer in the Roman Breviary and made it an official Church prayer paying honor to Mary and Jesus. The words of joyous salutation „Ave Maria” became a theme of many music creations. They were made in different historic periods. Presented record is just their modest choice.